about us


The design is easy for clients to understand, yet it offers
the power users even more power to do the things they need to do. All of that is powered by a library called ExtJS.

Ext JS uses techniques such as Ajax, DHTML and DOM scripting and is a pure JavaScript application framework for building interactive web applications. ExtJs technology is categorized in two parts. One is a GUI power for web applications which covers the data, text, numeric fields, radio, checks, grid, html editor controls in it. These command can be communicates with web server application if we use Ajax scripting.

The things that most influence deciding about extjs for us are:
Rapid prototyping and interface building.
Through its object oriented philosophy, you can easily recast other definitions in an object oriented
  fashion and save the hard work. Define a widget once, and you can use it everywhere.
Intentionally complete and robust, with an eye for detail and a higher-level organizational structure than
 we think exists in the wilds of Extjs.
ExtJS makes stuff work and look lavish crosswise the browsers.

Ext JS includes a set of neoteric GUI-based form widgets for use within web applications:

date fields with a pop-up date-picker
list box and combo boxes
html editor control
grid control (with both read-only and edit modes, sortable data, lockable columns, and a variety of other features)
tree control
tab panels
desktop application-style menus
region panels to allow a form to be divided into multiple sub-sections
vector graphics charts

ExtJS is a get what you pay for: A professionally-developed and supported product that lives and dies by it's potentiality to return value.