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The framework that you use to build your application will end up being the foundation of your program/web application.If you have choose a good framework, like CodeIgniter (CI), you will be able to manipulate how that framework works and the tools it makes available to you by tweaking it’s configuration information.
The central ideas behind MVC are code reusability and separation of concerns. This software architectural model comprises of application data, business rules, logic, and functions. Model View Controller has been widely accustomed as an architecture for World Wide Web applications in all major programming languages. Every component of the MVC triad should reside onto the client, not distributed between the client and a server.

CI allows you to implement as much or as little security as you feel is decisive for your app.Aimed at experienced PHP developers with a solid footing in object oriented programming, CI is a immense resource for anyone new to the framework looking to hastily get up to speed.

We like to use this model because:

The View is connected to the user's eyes
The Controller is connected to the user's hands
The Model is connected to the user's mind